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Anti- slip grip

The medium depth knurling on the contoured chrome handle provides a secure grip and stable use and prevents your hands from slipping while working out.

Anti- roll design

The dumbbells have a hexagonal shape that prevents them from rolling when you set them down between exercises and when storing.

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Gregory Herndon


These are really solid and great quality. They are stable and feel comfortable.

David Childs


These dumbbells are really nice. The handles feel great in your hands. The covering is great as well.

Robert Alvarez


Excellent grip and good quality overall.

Pirol dumbbells

Pirol dumbbells offer the ability to target specific muscle group and allow you to add resistance to any workout. The dumbbells are a great addition to different workouts and they can be used to shape different muscles.

These dumbbells have a unique shape that prevents them from rolling during your workouts and makes them a great addition to your at-home gym routine. They allow you to get a great workout done from your home or the park.


Choose Pirol dumbbells

Versatile use
This pair of 2 dumbbells offer a great versatility. They allow you to target a certain muscle group or use them to do a full workout.

Functional tool
Use them for walking, functional training, HIIT workouts and more. Use them to do push ups, squats, pushes and more.

Steady construction
The dumbbells are made of high- quality and durable materials that will last you longer and that will ensure a secure and stable workout.

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